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    Auto lock per app
    Would be nice if there was a tweak that let you go through your list of apps & turn auto lock off for any that you choose, that would be easy.

    Remove app from switcher per app
    Another list to turn off specific apps from ever being in the app switcher.

    Volume boost for h2dp Bluetooth

    Add functionality to Do Not Disturb
    I like myvibe, it makes do not disturb useful because i can turn it on by just putting the phone upside down. It would be cool if do not disturb did more, like take you offline/unavailable in Facebook chat, & maybe auto responded to texts that you are unavailable, etc.

    Fill/full screen when you start a video
    It would be nice if a tweak started videos "zoomed in" to make them take up the whole screen on the 3.5" screens instead of starting the videos with black bars. One less thing to do on every video.

    Add led flashlight to Sleep Cycle that turns on when the alarm goes off, to help you wake up.

    Take a picture by tapping anywhere in the camera viewer. Change focus to tap-&-hold.

    With my tweaks, I don't need a rotation lock in the media page of the app switcher. Would be cool if that page had the last 4 apps that were playing media/audio with play/pause buttons on their app icons so you can easily start playing the music you were listening to before you started watching that YouTube video.

    I'll keep my ideas to this thread & update this post. Also, I can't figure out how to do anything new in flex, so if its possible, you should let me know how.
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