1. stauntonmck's Avatar
    I've located the file to change the ugly brown-ish color for the MobileNotes.app the only problem is once I change the color and save the file and put it in the MobileNotes.app and respring, the Notes won't open. So I think it has something to do with the fact that when I open the MobileNotes file (the one without any extension at all) there's a bunch of jibberish before I get to the html color coding. What program do I need to use to open the MobileNotes file without the extension so that everything will open up properly in it? So that I can change it and save it, and then move it to the MobileNotes.app and respring it and have the Notes work. I've already tried opening it in a hex editor, and that didn't work either.
    2013-04-26 05:08 AM