1. patoons's Avatar
    So I recently decided to exclusively get rid of SBSettings and use NCsettings. There was one toggle in SBsettings that I need that NCsettings doesnt have, and that is SMS Alerts.

    So i went to var/mobile/library/sbsettings/toggles and copied the SMS Alerts toggle folder with the .dylib and moved it to var/mobile/library/ncsettings/toggles folder. Then I made the theme icons for it for the blue and default theme, both for retina and non retina display devices. resprang. the toggle doesn't show up either in the settings-ncsettings toggles nor does it show up in ncsettings itself when i pull down NC....

    i got instructions for this and its really not difficult at all. so i dont understand why this toggle isn't showing up in NCsettings.
    2013-04-28 06:30 PM