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    This is a great app for those in the emergency services field called Active911. It uses Apple Push to send pages from our dispatch to us when we have a rescue call. The issue is if it is night time and we have our phone on silent (for dinner or such), many of us still want the audible alert for emergency calls that would come through the app.

    Is there a tweak that would permit me to allow certain push apps to override silent so we can still get our pages to wake us up even though the phone is silent so texts and calls don't disturb us?

    I have looked at some other threads and they seem to be hijacked and overrun with posters saying the silent feature is there for a reason or other similar statements. I agree with not letting an App override on its own but there is nothing wrong with a user enabled option to allow this in some cases. If anyone has helpful suggestion or more importantly, if anyone knows of a tweak that I have overlooked or missed I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know what it is.

    We are a volunteer Search and Rescue team and since many of our calls are at night, being able to hear the pages is very important. Hearing other stuff, (drunken friends calling or texting, etc...) not so much.
    2013-05-08 12:08 AM