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    I was messing around with iFile and SpringBoard and I found a directory TelephonyUI Framework. There I found the .png files for the knobs of different sliders such as the gray knob, the red knob, and the green one. I wondered how did Springtomize 2 hide the knob, so I figured out that renaming the .png files responsible for the knob, would do the job. So I wanted to replace the gray knob with the red one. I made a copy of both the red and grey knob PNGs and then renamed the originals how I wanted. For example, let's say the grey knob was named [email protected]~iphone.png and the red knob was [email protected]~iphone.png and what I did was changing the [email protected]~iphone.png to [email protected]~iphone.png and the [email protected]~iphone.png to [email protected]~iphone.png. I resprung and the knob for the slider was gone and I couldn't slide to unlock. I managed to unlock by going to the camera grabber and sliding up and then pressed the home button. And then I installed Unfold so I could unlock my iPhone. But it wasn't only the slide to unlock knob. When I hold the sleep button, and it appears the "slide to turn off" thing, there was no knob, no "cancel" button either. Also, When I make a call there is no "End call" button and when people call me, there is no "slide to answer" and also when people call me while I am at the home screen for example, there should be "Answer" and "Decline" but they don't show up. Instead there are "Answer" and "Release". I am on iOS 6.0.2 iPhone 5. What can I do apart from reinstalling iOS because I Don't want to lose the jailbreak and there might be problems during the installation and I don't to go through the whole apps installation process and others.

    This is thanks to Unfold. But before it, there was no knob and there was even no light, you know, the light that goes from the beginning of the lock label to the end.
    Broken SpringBoard "Slide to..." sliders and more...-img0881.png

    This is what happens when I make a call.
    Broken SpringBoard "Slide to..." sliders and more...-img0883.png

    Note that there is no dark image there, where it should be, it's transparent, except the shadow line. I haven't edited those files. Only the knob images and the "slide to unlock" light mask. But I changed them back to the originals but there still is no fix.
    Broken SpringBoard "Slide to..." sliders and more...-img0882.png

    Thank you in advance.
    2013-05-17 03:02 PM
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    Hi, if you have renamed the files back to their original, I would compare their file permissions against other similar files. Then get into safe mode and then Reboot. I seem to remember this clearing out cached files when I had a quarter size screen problem once.
    2013-05-19 12:52 PM