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    I wanted to add a time setting to the "Require Passcode" settings.I went to the Preferences.app using iFile and edited the files to add a new settings which would set the iPhone to require the passcode after 30 seconds. I added a string into the string file in and added a new title which should correspond to the string that I added in the string file for the passcode and set the value to 30(seconds) and it works perfectly fine. When I lock the device, the passcode is required only after 30 seconds, not more. But when I go to settings>general>passcode lock>require passcode it should be "After 30 seconds." but instead it says "0_MINUTES".
    Is there anything I've left out??

    This is my Passcode Lock.plist file.
    And this is my Passcode Lock~iphone.strings file.
    2013-05-17 04:05 PM