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    Im very noob on this modding themes stuff, but right now im trying to create my own Lockscreen using the original Ls Lyra Lockscreen, for ios 6

    I want to create two versions, one with text in white and one with text in black. The White was easy, but this is what i got in black:

    Black icons statusbar on Lockscreen-f7k7kqe.png

    Clock and date was easy to change, but in the statusbar i dont know hot to change it. I know that all of this (carrier, wifi, battery, etc) are icons, so i have to change the color to black and put in my theme.

    Aaand... i dont know how to do it. I dont know nothing of html code (i could change the position of the clock and date changing the numbers lot of times, lol). I found some theme that supposedly change all this icons, and i put all icons in the folder UIImages of my theme, but it dosnt work. I think that only works on iOS 5 or something:

    Black icons statusbar on Lockscreen-bqjyosn.png

    So thats the problem. I want to change all the stuff in the statusbar on black, but only in the lockscreen.

    Thanks in advance, i hope that you can understand me, my english its a little bad
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    Ok, i found a theme for statusbar that changes the color of the icons. This, plus Cleanstatus, its possible to change all the statusbar text.

    But the icons are a little bit bad, they aren´t all black. I think i want to do something like iOS7, thats why i am doing one version black and one white.

    Its possible to get the black icons of the statusbar from iOS7 beta? That would be awesome.

    That's how it looks right now.

    Black icons statusbar on Lockscreen-img_0281.png

    Also, recomendations acepted.
    2013-07-23 03:19 PM