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  1. axel4punk's Avatar

    i tried to decrypt ios 7 with vfdecrypt and it doesn't work
    i try to open it with transmac and it says that no hfs volumes has found on this disk
    the only software which works is dmg extractor but i must have a paid license to extract ios 7 filesystem
    so,can someone help me in finding a way to decrypt ios 7 on windows???
    2013-09-23 01:14 PM
  2. Jato_BZ's Avatar
    VFDecrypt doesn't work on iOS6 + IPSWs. Also you can only extract A4 IPSWs & below due to the Bootrom dumps obtained to provide the keys to extract IPSW files. Once iOS8 is out extracting IPSWs will become a thing of the past UNLESS Bootrom exploits are found in the A5 + devices which is looking highly unlikely
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    2013-09-23 07:42 PM