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    So basically the problem is that i installed a couple of tweaks of Cydia and most of them work well however for some apparent reason, they don't appear on m iPhone 3GS homescreen. While most of the Cydia tweaks can be editied via Settings, some tweaks I am trying to use like LivePapers require you to access the app itself. The only two JB programs that appear are Winterboard and Cydia itself. The rest, nope. I tried Restarting the Springboard, I tried uninstalling Springtomize, (which happened to be causing a problem already earlier with the phone and appstore icons missing) I dont know what else to do. I cant edit my phone if i cant access these apps.

    Please, iNeedToHelpMiDevice and FASST. Its killing me not knowing the fix to this

    Thank you.
    2013-10-22 01:14 PM