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    Hello modders,

    I'm trying to add a self-signed SSL certificate to a jailbroken iOS 7.1 iPhone.

    I've tried adding the .der certificate file I made with the iPhone Configuration Utility and mailing the certificate and opening it in Safari. Problem is that only Apple apps will trust the self-signed certificate this way. Browsing in Safari using my certificate works fine, but Chrome has errors and Twitter doesn't even update. Some other apps work but I suspect it's because these don't use SSL or don't verify the certificate. Chrome and Twitter both do.

    The certificate I add with the iPhone Configuration Utility or by mail are added to /Library/Keychains/TrustStore.sqlite3. But I suspect third party apps only use the root CA certificates found here:

    iOS: List of available trusted root certificates

    I found the 'certsIndex.data' and the 'certsTable.data' files inside the /System/Library/Frameworks/Security.framework/ directory. Opening certsTable.data and I can see some certificate authorities like VeriSign. The data files itself are BLOB files I suspect (not much experience with either jailbreak development or BLOB file editing).

    I think these need to be decrypted first, but how? Or is it just plain impossible to add certificates deeper iOS? Would it be possible to code a tweak so that apps will also be able to use those.

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