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    Tutorial by Jacob Psimos
    If others here can relate to me, anger sets in when you see the message saying:

    "iOS 7 is downloaded and ready to install."

    on your iPhone/iPod/... and think:

    "Why did this download?"
    "Why is this taking up precious memory on my device?"
    "Stop it now."

    Here is how you do it!


    • iDevice currently running iOS 5-6 (note: this may work on older software version devices as well!)
    • A way to access & modify the file-system with root privileges (jailbroken device).

    *iFile / SSH / FTP will work for purposes needed.

    1) Navigate to: /etc
    2) Copy the file 'hosts' and rename the copy to 'hosts.backup' for safety.
    2) Open file 'hosts' for modification using a text editor.

    As you can see, there is some stuff blacked out. You will see something similar inside your file.

    3) Add the line (circled red in the above image)
    Code:               applednld.apple.com
    In the next step, we will be deleting the already downloaded update (if it is there).

    4) Navigate to: /var/MobileSoftwareUpdate
    5) Delete all the contents inside.

    The update is gone and your phone will not re-download it!

    Enjoy People

    2014-01-11 07:05 AM