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    I've created a script for iOS devices to quickly apply user themes without needing to go through each application and replace each icon file.

    For the most part, it is compatible with Winterboard themes (Icon Bundles and System Sounds work, as well as being able to replace anything on the filesystem such as hosts) and once the script has been run, it uses no device resources until you need to re-run it (Upon each AppStore update - caveat of manual theming unfortunately). There is a tutorial in the readme for extra clarification, however.

    Basically, this makes the process for anyone who manually replaces icons (for whatever reason) very, very easy. If you're not comfortable with using SSH, browsing through the filesystem of your device, or have never applied themes manually before, I'd recommend sticking to Winterboard.

    If you're interested in checking out out, then download it here. Check out the reddit post if you've got any questions!
    2014-01-12 01:28 PM