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  1. alfox's Avatar
    Good day everyone...i really need some help here.i have an ip5s with ios704.managed to jb and install some tweaks then suddenly yesterday i noticed 2 problems with my phone

    1.when i try to use my media control(music player) in my control center then the unit auto reboots into safe mode.

    2. My Dynamic wallpaper in settings also has problems coz when i choose Dynamic in wallpapers then i cant enter the Dynamic wallpapers section coz unit exits back to springboard..with Stills i got no problem coz it still works well

    as of now im desperate and dont know which caused this problem.hope to hear from you guys.tia
    2014-01-16 02:48 AM
  2. alfox's Avatar
    nevermind bros....i found the culprit.its the bioprotect tweak from cydia.after uninstalling it my media player works again including my dynamic wallpapers..just sharing it here just in case....
    2014-01-16 05:51 AM