1. mcmuzzy's Avatar
    hi there

    was hoping someone had a solution to making foxtel go work on my jailbroken iphone 5
    I have tried using xcon but sadly does not seem to support foxtel go v2.0 at the moment.

    I have emailed the dev hoping for an update to support it.
    If there is there any other way to get it going without losing my jailbreak I would greatly appreciate a solution even if someone could please post or pm me an older version of foxtel go prior to the jailbreak detection version.

    thanking you in advance
    2014-01-20 11:49 PM
  2. Miz.Michele's Avatar
    I use TsProtector P from Cydia. Don't know if it works with foxtel bit it works with cox
    2014-01-28 08:26 AM