1. ACE11568's Avatar
    Hey guys, I'm new on here but I can't seem to find a solution anywhere. I am using CustomLS to hide my clock on my lockscreen. However, when I apply a wallpaper, iOS automatically contrasts a shadow behind where the clock would be. I am trying to remove that shadow. I tried using Hidden Settings 7 to turn off clock shadow under Legibility but that doesn't seem to do anything. Is there a file I can edit in iFile to fix this? Or a tweak I can install? I'm attaching a photo of the auto-contrast that iOS applies when I select a wallpaper. When I'm on my actual lock screen the clock is gone but the annoying shadow is still there.

    Attached Thumbnails How to remove lock screen clock shadow-photo-1.png  
    2014-02-12 07:23 PM
  2. abbdc1's Avatar
    springtomize3 is your option then
    2014-02-12 08:20 PM
  3. ACE11568's Avatar
    springtomize 3 will remove the shadow with the clock? Where is the setting in Springtomize?
    2014-02-12 08:30 PM
  4. ACE11568's Avatar
    nope, the shadow is still there.
    2014-02-13 04:41 AM
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