1. ryanDC's Avatar
    Hi people,
    I have installed a tweak that changes the apple logo on respring to one of a few packs that are installed to winterboard.
    I have then attempted to use one of the installed bundles as a template to use a nice space image from Google as a respring image.
    The image I have used does not take up the entire iPhone screen, the top left corner of the image is placed in the middle of the screen with the remaining image taking up the bottom right portion of the screen and the images disappears off the screen.
    Can someone please help me to correctly set up the image.
    I cannot understand why this is happening as I saved the image from Google to camera roll and then used ifile to change file names and attributions of the image.

    Please help I cannot include screenshots as it's happening during respring apple logo sequence.
    2014-02-20 06:45 PM
  2. OptimalVorteX's Avatar
    Did you incorporate this image yourself into your own Files?
    2014-02-27 01:51 AM
  3. ryanDC's Avatar
    Not sure what you mean my friend?
    I went to google images found an image, saved the image to camera roll,
    Went to ifile, copy and pasted the image file into the winterboard bundled for the respring image tweak.
    Using one of the bundles I changed the google image file name to match the respring image bundle tweak file names and deleted the tweaks files so there were only my modified google image files there, the image is visible when respring but is positioned on screen so only half the image is visible the rest disappears of screen.
    2014-02-27 10:08 AM