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    PageJumps by RiDan is now available on iOS7. It is a bare bones package. That does require users to manually ssh the icons you see in the dock. Very simple to do, but I will leave a link below for some pre-made PageJump apps below.

    What is Page Jumps? Page Jumps is a tweak, that will allow you to have specific icons that jump to a certain page of the Spring Board. These were used mostly in the later versions of iOS, mainly used for nav themes. They used these jumps instead of having to swipe pages to reach the page you wanted.

    For example if you wanted to access an icon on page 4 you would just tap the page 4 icon, and be taken directly to that page.

    PageJumps (skeleton) is available on RiDan's cydia repo ridn.github.io/repo.

    Download PageJump Apps

    Instructions. After you have installed PageJumps (Skeleton). You will need to download the Page Jump Apps from the link above. Once you have these installed you will need to install them to your phone.

    If you have ifunbox select system application then just drag the icons in. Basically these apps need to be in the system applications.

    PageJumps can allow you to have as many icons as you want. You can create more than 8. To do this I would take say PJ0.app and make a copy of it. Name it PJ9.app inside the app folder I would change the icon to show 9 (or any other icon you want) then you will need to edit the plist.

    There is only one change needed for the plist. That is to change the bundle identifier. On the PJ0.app it is com.ridan.pj-0 you will need to edit this to com.ridan.pj-9. Ssh it back into system applications and the page 9 icon will work. Thats it!

    Note: if you cannot get the icons to show, just reboot your phone
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    Loved SpringJump and hope GridLock will be updated for iOS 7.1.x!!!!

    Here I go with PageJumps!!!

    Thanks June.

    Hope Blue will come up with a new NAVIGATION iOS7 theme ... and Peter: Page indicators will work here!!!

    if someone can create nice iOS 7 page Icons (active - maybe with illuminated dots - and inactive ones) that would be great
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    Thanks June for the hint.

    Now I like my homescreen again (with the bunch of Apps)



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