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    There is an app which has recently been pulled off from Appstore because the developer decided to no longer support it.

    I have the app (it's a game) installed on my ipad, and i want to back it up in case I want to install it again.

    The thing is, the initial install doesn't have the full game data, and the additional play data had to be downloaded from the in-game menu called "DLC shop".

    I did, and I currently have the DLC data, but I don't know where it is on my ipad filesystem, so I don't know how to back up that data.

    I think just backing up the app folder and turning it into zip file, then renaming it .ipa will back up the app itself, but based on the size of the resulting ipa file, I don't think the DLC data was included in that ipa.

    How would I go about finding out where the DLC data is and how do I back it up (preferably in a single file package, but if not possible, by any other means).

    I really need to do this ASAP because I know from experience that this DLC data has a tendency of automatically deleting itself (for no apparent reason), in which case it had to be redownloded from the "DLC shop" menu in game (which would no longer be possible because the developer has said it would stop maintaining the DLC download server too).

    Help will be really appreciated. Thank you.
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