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    It's time for the public beta of what is now an amazing tweak!

    So I've been asked, "Why do you JailBreak?" and my first reason is always, "Because I like to have choices!".

    Well now with WW3 you do have choices! So having continuous access to Apples feed is great! Since WW's inception, it has only had one hiccup and that was due to Yahoo's location feed going down. So as I conceived WW3 I never wanted this to happen again. So now you have a choice to use Google's location feed if you like. Oh and if a location feed does go down, you always have a backup!

    I've also heard that sometimes just doesn't give the correct or wanted data for a particular area. That it would be nice if you could get data from a different service. Well I agree! So maybe you like Yahoo better, even though they change their feed often. Maybe your more of an AccuWeather fan, ok. Or maybe you live in England and like Weather Underground better. But still yet, maybe your in Canada and like what has to offer. Some of these feeds have some great and new data fields!

    Wouldn't it be nice to have YOUR choice! Well, now you can! WW3 offers all these feeds and the amount of data that they bring is just amazing and you can access it all from just one place. A very trusted place too!

    But what about your old WW widgets? Will they still work? Am I going to have to muddle through code to get them working? Hell no! WW has always been backwards compatible and still is! All your old WW widgets will work just fine with WW3!

    Now you will need a couple of FREE API keys to access some of this new data, but again, they are free! What's that? They limit the amount of calls per day that you can make you say. Yes this is true, but you don't have to worry about that, we got you covered. WW3 makes sure that you get data all day without going over your daily limit so you don't have to worry about it. Please see post #9 to get instructions and links for the free API's.

    Don't worry, we have included widgets too! One that showcases what WW3 has to offer and a very simple widget that can be used for modding, available in the next build! Developed for ios9, but it has been reported to run just fine on iOS 8 also!

    Sound like something that you want to use? It does to me! Here are some screen shots of the new settings pages and the data that you can control.

    WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!-imageuploadedbymodmyi1461982900.158608.jpg

    WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!-imageuploadedbymodmyi1461983314.068884.jpg

    WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!-imageuploadedbymodmyi1461458908.470040.jpg

    Live on Cydia!

    First I'd like to thank our developer Stephen Delisle or SDDev is what he is mostly known as. Without him to put all our crazy notions to code, who knows where we would be today. While this is a free tweek, we would love for you to show him your support by throwing him a little something via PayPal


    I'd like to thank the entire WW Team!

    Foremost, NewD! Without his efforts on compiling all the mapping that has to take place, we would still be working on it. He took a good amount of time away from his family and some late nights to complete this in record time. Thanks for all your help my friend!

    Next up is Marty McFly. He's my main code guru and never says never with me! Your my boy blue! Marty developed the showcase widget included with WW3. He also got some input and help from the rest of the team.

    This version brought some new challenges as about half of the team has lost their jailbreaks. So I had to recruit a few new members. So this go around I want to put out a special thanks to some old and new team members.

    I want to give a special thanks to Rasputin007. He filled in a lot of holes for us. He is a very underestimated member of this community. So when you see some of these peeps around MMi or Twitter, give them a thanks or a like!

    WW Team:

    Ian Nicoll
    Marty McFly
    and of course, my original partner that got it all started, The_Durben

    Latest version is 3.0-12

    Change Log
    • Fixed widgetweather.xml not updating recently discovered
    • Added (US ONLY) indicator to Accuweather Switch as outside of US less reliable
    • Added GPS POWER SAVE switch to GPS Settings for those who want no GPS updating while phone is in deep sleep.
    • changed destination for 03 WW Base widgets from Groovylock to LockHTMLl folder
    • added additional settings items to the xml reflecting MultiAPI switches on or off settings in Extras
    • Added a lot more weather items to xml for MultiAPI - *Current Condition weather icon and realFeel temp plus 5 day forecast: description, high/low temp & weather icon
    • Additional Locations will now only once in each weather update interval period as set in Settings. It was also updating while traveling based on distance filter which isn’t needed for Additional Locations, an extension of Fixed Mode.
    • Write Log switch added to Extras that when turned on can provide debugging data to developer if needed.
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    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2016-04-24 01:48 AM
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    Here is the link to the modders base LS. It shows how to display all data available and how just by hiding the scroll container (Display: None) and then pulling out what you want from the scroll container you can simply create any widget with simple day/night walls or weather walls and whatever data that you would like to display. I hope this works out good for you guys, please mess with it and post any ideas or suggestions please.

    WW3 Modders Base LS

    WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!-imageuploadedbymodmyi1462048918.482186.jpg

    WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!-imageuploadedbymodmyi1462048933.315676.jpg

    WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!-imageuploadedbymodmyi1462048943.568404.jpg

    Here is a mod by @thewaytozion made for WW3!

    WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!-imageuploadedbymodmyi1471317069.871898.jpg

    Zeigt Eure Springboards/Lockscreens! - Seite 428 - -Small Talk -
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    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2016-04-24 01:49 AM
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    Nice job!WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!🏻WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!
    2016-04-24 02:07 AM
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    Gonna be EPIC!! WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!WidgetWeather 3.0 - Our Finest Hour!
    2016-04-24 02:14 AM
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    Weather feed that won't break, I'm in

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    Here is a link to my public folder where you will find iWidgets/Lockscreen Widgets/and misc. things I have created
    2016-04-24 02:36 AM
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    Wow. Awesome
    2016-04-24 03:06 AM
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    Weather feed that won't break, I'm in
    And Google's amazing location API as a backup to YahooPlaceFinder if it ever goes down again. BUILT IN!! No need for any temporary code change in our widgets. BAMM!!
    2016-04-24 03:32 AM
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    2016-04-24 05:36 AM
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    More and more companies that offer a free service want to know who is using their service and how often. For that purpose they want you to register, like you do here at MMi. Weather services are no different, that's why WW3 has included 2 of those weather services that require an API key, which is their form of registration.
    The registration is free and the use of the API key is free, all you need is an email address and a password.
    Here are the 2 weather services that require an API key:

    1.) (short FIO)
    Register at this Link.
    You have the option to add payment details, as you have to pay if you go over limit of 1000 calls/day.
    If you don't enter payment details (as I have done), you get cut off after 1000 calls.

    2.) WeatherUnderground (short WU)
    Register at this Link.
    Choose ANVIL plan and DEVELOPER, then purchase the ANVIL DEVELOPER plan for $0!
    No payment detail required, no cut off when going over the limit of 500 calls/day and/or 10 calls/minute.
    They use a "raindrop" system, go start with 3 raindrops and you get every week one more until you have 30 raindrops, top limit. You go over either limit you lose one raindrop/day, but NO cut off.

    I have used WeatherUnderground for years now, it never ever let me down, very very happy with it.
    If your native language is not english, then you might want to consider this weather service as it offers 82 languages, not all are perfect, but a big step into the right direction.

    With normal daily use you should not go over any of these limits.
    I run one WU API key on 2 devices and still stay within the limits
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    2016-04-24 09:00 AM
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    2016-04-24 12:29 PM
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    Cant wait!

    Peace out,@hip5
    2016-04-24 01:04 PM
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    Is there still inside ? Or better the xml to use iOS stock weather. Can't wait for beta release

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    2016-04-24 01:28 PM
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    2016-04-24 01:40 PM
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    With all api keys for everyone ? And the user have to register and change the apikey? That the 1000 calls are private?

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    2016-04-24 01:42 PM
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    Yes, you get your own key if you want to use that service. Only WU and FIO need keys and they are free. WW3 is setup to not let you exceed your daily limit.

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2016-04-24 01:45 PM
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    Yes, you get your own key if you want to use that service. Only WU and FIO need keys and they are free. WW3 is setup to not let you exceed your daily limit.
    Ok if I create a widget the people who use ww3 become your own key or which way for creater and share own stuff ?
    2016-04-24 01:49 PM
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    Ok if I create a widget the people who use ww3 become your own key or which way for creater and share own stuff ?
    If you create a widget that uses data from either FIO or WU then you will need to include in your instructions that the people using(purchasing) your widget will need to get their own FreeAPI key from either ForecastIO or WeatherUnderground.

    I think King is planning on having Post #2 here have the explanation about how to get those free API keys. You can just link to that post# in your Cydia description. Rasputin007 just listed the instructions in Post #9.
    2016-04-24 06:11 PM
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    basically u build your widget using ww3 base and then the people go to those site to generate their free api key they put it in ww3 settings and ww3 does the rest of the work
    2016-04-25 03:23 AM
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    For anyone who has no idea what kind of weather service WeatherUnderground is, you can try their free app,, (you might need to change "us" to your country code, e.g. for England it would be "gb", Germany "de" .....)
    To remove ads it cost £1.49/year and this carries over. I have this app on 2 devices, paid once, both ad free, but I also use the WunderMap app from WeatherUnderground and this is now also ad free.
    Basically, almost all what you can see there, you can get in WW3.

    I am also using the WeatherUnderground app on an Android phone, which is also now ad free as I have paid for the iOS app.
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    2016-04-25 08:06 AM
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    Cool, be better when I can use it when we get a JB next year haha
    2016-04-25 08:00 PM
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