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    I think most of iPod users know this fact from n years ago. That is we can't sync the custom EQ made by itunes to iPod. And I found this happen to iphone as expected. For high-end ear/headphone user, we all love our own custom EQ for our own ear/headphone.

    So, is there any way to mod the iphone to have our own custom EQ? I just think can we hex edit the preset file(where it is?) and override one of preset says "Flat" to be our custom EQ that made by itunes?

    Please advise, thx a lot

    nobody has any idea?
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    2007-10-05 05:48 PM
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    this question is posted almost a year , and still occupy 1st ranking result from google if the keyword is "iphone + customize eq"

    anyone has idea? thx
    2008-09-16 07:48 AM