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    Hey Folks

    In a bit of a pickle here. My iPhone has become unresponsive in the top half of the screen. Before I take it back and try my luck with the Apple Store I am trying to get it back to its normal state.

    It wasnt unlocked, just jailbroken. I use o2, but its not an iPhone contract.

    I have managed to get all the icons back to the way they should be (or I think I have). The problem is though I cant find out how to change time colour. It is in the dark colour on the home screen and I need it to be in the light colour, as it is a black status bar. I also need to find out how to get the o2 carrier logo to appear. I had used MIM to change it but I cant get into that to change it back.

    I have searched for the answer to these two problems for hours now. Any help at all would be appreciated.

    Ok, managed to mess about enuf to get the o2 sign showing and in the right colour. Only need to get the time changed. Feel like going for the microwave route someone else mentioned in an earlier thread!!
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