1. musicpenguy's Avatar
    It seems the way the iPod is reconginized has changed in 111 has anyone figured out what string is needed for renaming iPod to say media as I could in 102 ?

    2007-10-13 09:49 AM
  2. unclear's Avatar
    Not sure if this is the answer, but I think the iPod identifier was changed from mobileMusicPlayer to mobileipod, all lowercase. The application directory is still MobileMusicPlayer.app I believe.
    2007-10-13 09:51 AM
  3. musicpenguy's Avatar
    No basically the com.mobileipod string no longer will be recongnized in the LocalizedApplicationNames.strings to rename the Apps, so it is obviously using a different string for this.
    2007-10-13 10:04 AM
  4. y0haan's Avatar
    Speaking of ipod, has anyone been able to change the Icon for the ipod. I put an updated icon.png in the /Applications/MobileMusicPlayer.app dir but it would seem like it's using something else.
    2007-10-13 10:17 AM
  5. musicpenguy's Avatar
    That one I did figure out you instead need to replace this icon:


    This is the new icon its using since it shares the Touch OS and there are actually 2 new apps within here it looks for this now which is why the naming is so messed up with this version so hopefully a naming fix is found as well.
    2007-10-13 10:38 AM
  6. y0haan's Avatar
    Bingo, thank you musicpenguy.

    I figured it was on of those but just could not view any of the *.png's from the winSCP as it would just show an image with a red X.
    2007-10-13 10:51 AM
  7. musicpenguy's Avatar
    Sure no problem - now if we could just crack this naming scheme it now uses I would be set!
    2007-10-13 04:51 PM
  8. hartsteins's Avatar
    You need to change info in: /Applications/MobileMusicPlayer.app/English.lproj/UIRoleDisplayNames.strings

    In the center of the code you'll see 'iPod in between a T and a V. That's the label.

    2007-11-17 09:28 PM