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  1. sketchstudios's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I had a question before I took the plunge.

    I have firmware 1.0.2 on my iPhone and it is NOT unlocked however I DO have installed apps on it using apptap installer for the Mac. I would like to now upgrade to 1.1.1 but before I do I want to have a clean 1.0.2 original firmware on my iphone.

    How exactly is the best way to do this?

    I have looked through the forums and googled for information however I only found instructions for restoring an iphone back to 1.0.2 from a UNLOCKED iphone w/ apps. I just have apps on my iphone.

    any help is MUCH appriciated!
    2007-10-14 04:25 AM
  2. chrisw05's Avatar
    Download the 1.02 firmware and in itunes press **** while you press restore(windows) not sure about mac but then just select the 1.02 file
    2007-10-14 05:06 AM