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    I am an iphone newbie. I activated/unlocked/jailbroke my new otb 8gb 1.1.4 iphone with Ziphone a few days ago. I would like to add themes and NES games, but when I open goto location springboard themes in ibrowser, i get an error that says my phone is not jailbroken. I have been searching this forum for hours, and I saw on another thread I need to download ibrickrfix, not sure of the exact name (I have seen it in threads as ibrickrfix and Zibrickrfix) But I cannot find it in the installer; I have looked under all packages for both file names, I haver scrolled through all packages in the installer tons of times and cannot find it! I have tons of sources including Community Sources. I saw in another thread it is under the "Unlock" catergory, but I do not have an Unlock category. I have seen a Unlocker package however, is that what I need to download to see the ibrickr fix? I currently have BSD Subsytem, Installer, OpenSSH, and Summerboard installed in the System. Someone please help!
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    2008-04-08 09:09 PM
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    you have to add the source and the ibrickrfix is in there
    2008-04-08 09:20 PM
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    Totally worked, you are a genius, much thanks!!!
    2008-04-08 09:34 PM