1. empirepb210's Avatar
    Hi all!
    I just jailbroke my iphone with ziphone 3.0 and have a couple of qestions.
    1. I read that ziphone permanently downgrades to BL 3.9 and that if i ever take it in to Apple im ******. Is their anyway to upgrade back to 4.6 just in case i take it in?
    2. I dl'ed iPhone browser but when i try to go browse my iphones apps on my iphone it says "cannot find .apps, are you sure you jailbroke you iphone?". How do i connect to my iphone with my pc to browse the iphone files?
    2008-04-13 09:24 PM
  2. lillewis51's Avatar
    ok use pwnage to upgreade back to 4.6. and u need to add source i.unlock.no to installer sources and then install "ziphone ibricker fix"
    2008-04-14 01:23 AM