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    just a sort of general question, still trying to understand all the differences in what people are doing to their phones.

    i had a virgin phone that i upgraded to 1.1.1
    then following the great guides, downgraded to 1.0.2 to use apptap to put installer on there to access some third party apps. nothing too fancy, mostly interested in making my phone much more girlie and pretty..using fugu to replace some icons ... ect. no unlocking.. i am fine with ATT

    now... if i want to eventually someday upgrade back to 1.1.1 and rejailbreak the phone.. i am in no rush.. just want to i have to virginize the phone back to 1.0.2 virgin state, and flash the baseband back to 1.0.2 baseband? cause i read that the itunes reinstall does not reset the baseband.

    or.. if i dont ever intend on unlocking the phone, do i have to worry about the baseband at all???

    thank you so much

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