1. srujjjn's Avatar
    the thing is my friend gifted an iphone n i dunno how he made it work in india...i began using it n then searched forums to install apps in it and then came to know about ibrickr...downloaded ibrickr0.91 and then i pressed free my phone, it downloaded something, then it asked me to rename something n then i did it and then it did something and then suddenly some script began running...
    n my friend tols me that it is commom but the running script never stops even after half hour also...then i forced reboot and then connected to pc and the pc does not detect....pl pl pl help me immediately......what to do now...i think my friend jailbroke it with ziphone not sure though....thx in advance
    2008-04-18 04:01 PM
  2. jtesnani's Avatar
    put the phone into DFU mode with the following instructions:
    1. open itunes
    2. disconnect iphone
    3. with the iphone turned on, press both the sleep/wake button and home button. hold until the phone turns off
    4. release the sleep/wake button but keep holding home button
    5. plus your phone into usb (phone at this point remains black)
    6. itunes should now see your phone and ask you to restore

    restore your phone and use iliberty to jailbreak/activate/unlock your phone

    and read more before you do random things to your phone, or ask your phone to do it
    2008-04-18 06:37 PM
  3. srujjjn's Avatar
    thx a lot dude...n gt one more doubt with iliberty can i add 3rd party applications to ma fone ?
    2008-04-19 07:54 AM
  4. pokekid's Avatar
    yes u can upload the payloads through iLiberty. i dont really do it though i just either SSH or installer
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    2008-04-19 08:43 AM
  5. squaresoft's Avatar
    go to advanced button in iLiberty then mess around with the tabs, you should be ablt to get payloads like wifi fix, installer, open ssh, bsd subsystem... get installer is good enough... once you tick the installer box, you should be able to click...... go for it..... and you're done.......
    2008-04-19 04:23 PM