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    Main Script Execution Failed

    I upgraded to 1.1.1 using iFun.
    Typically I don't use it but a friend did, and all went well.

    So I upgraded tonight, all is good, except AppTapp is acting funny

    In the app it shows that I have all my apps installed from 1.0.2

    but none are showing up. I can uninstall some (summerboard so far) and others like customize and openssh, mobile finder, and a bunch more say Main Script Execution Failed.

    Any ideas.

    is there a plist that needs to be redirected, deleted, modified. Im clueless.
    BTW all the files are there, but they aren't showing up on the phone, but will in iFun.

    Im hella confused the more I look into it.


    Should have used better terms searching. Can reply or close.
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