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    So pretty much I installed that thing from the sshkit (sshify-windows.bat) and now I believe my iPhone has stopped connecting the to the internet (nothing loads, says it can't find hosts, doesn't show the i.p in the wi-fi thing, etc)

    So is there anyway I can remove this ssh thing or just fix what I did?

    Thanks in advance

    I forgot to mention that my version is 1.0.2 if that matters
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    2007-10-28 08:30 AM
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    use this post to remove ssh


    but sence you are useing 1.0.2 I recomend restarting

    1. restore your phone

    2. use the one click installer for apptapp here

    2007-10-28 06:10 PM
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    cough ,cough,not your prob.!
    2007-10-28 06:25 PM
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    no. Its not my problem. But what is wrong with helping someone else?
    2007-10-28 06:40 PM
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    Thanks but just one more question before I restore

    If I restore will the phone have to be unlocked again?

    To add to that when I went to iTunes and clicked restore it said its going to update my phone to the newest version which is something I don't want

    Anyway to restore the phone while keeping 1.0.2?
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    probly will have to be unlocked agine


    here is how to downgrade you can restore with 1.0.2 the same way
    2007-10-29 12:46 AM