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    I've upgraded it to 1.1.1 and followed the method on hackmyiphone.com, now i clicked on install apptapp, followed it after, but then i turned it on, and its still at the 'activate iphone' screen.
    I try to do the method again, and it doesnt work,
    all my stuff before i upgraded it is still on there too
    is there a way to sort this out?
    many thanks...

    i got it working by just restoring it to a factory state, nothing on it, and it all works, am imrpessed.
    But if anyone has written a guide to this, can u put that for IPSF users u need to have it fully restored, just upgrade it, and when uve dne the method in jailbreakme.com, ull have the phone unlocked anyway.
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    2007-10-31 05:21 PM
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    You seem to have done what I want to do.

    Exactly what steps did you take? I'm also on ipsf-unlocked phone wanting to go up.
    2007-10-31 08:58 PM