1. DLB08's Avatar
    i thought id say exactly what i did to have my iphonesimfree 1.02 upgraded to 1.1.1, as i dont seem to find guides that help out the users for this.

    I had an unlocked 1.02 iphone, and all i did was go into itunes and use the upgrade option. after it was done, i used the method on www.hacktheiphone.com
    now the first time i tried this earlier, i did it rite to the end, but it still was on the 'activate iphone' screen.
    it turns out it was because that i had to restore it as well as upgrade it, so i went into independance, clicked 'enter DFU mode' so itunes made sure it would restore and install the firmware again.
    I did this, followed the method again, and it all worked.
    I didnt have to do anythin wiv IPSF as i had my own sim in the entire time too, and straight away when i was on the mainscreen my carrier was shown and i had a text sent to me straight after too, and everythin had worked.

    Gd luck (Y)
    2007-11-01 02:28 AM
  2. swihnberg's Avatar
    If i have a 04.01.13_G baseband but 1.0.2 system ipsf'ed, do i need to "downgrade" first anyway?
    2007-11-01 02:01 PM
  3. DLB08's Avatar
    no, its there on the hacktheiphone.com site.
    dont worry, just upgrade, follow the guide and ull be fine.
    2007-11-01 06:21 PM