1. Weeeee's Avatar
    Well, I spent a few hours going through all the instructions on "unbricking" an iPhone I bought from a lady. I successfully virginized it and downgraded it to 1.0.2. I was very happy at that point and being comfortable with working with 1.0.2, I used anySim 1.1 to unlock it. Now its unlocked and working fine. My question is this....Can I now just upgrade the software/firmware using iTunes to 1.1.1 then use the unlocks available now for 1.1.1 or do I have to again revirginize, even though I used the new anySim? Thanks!
    2007-11-03 07:48 PM
  2. princemarko's Avatar
    no, you do not need to revirginize. Simply use iNdependence 1.25 or 1.3 to install pre-1.1.1 under firmware, then go to itunes and upgrade and back to iNdependence to jailbreak and activate, etc.
    2007-11-04 05:08 AM
  3. Weeeee's Avatar
    Thanks for the help...but I am a windows user. Can this task be accomplished with iDemocracy? Also I am unsure what you mean by "install pre 1.1.1 under firmware". What is it that I install on the phone prior to using iTunes to upgrade? Thanks.
    2007-11-04 06:10 AM
  4. Sean_Dillon's Avatar
    Take a Look at This Thread - "http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=13698"
    Simple method with Pics.
    2007-11-04 11:25 AM
  5. DoerrFan's Avatar
    Or you can update and use the trick to open safari off your unactivated iPhone to jailbreakme.com, that will activate it and then get anySIM off there and unlock it again.
    2007-11-04 05:50 PM