1. z00preme's Avatar
    i currently have a unlocked iphone with 1.1.1
    I went on jailbreakme.com over my wifi and clicked "install AppSnapp".
    All it showed was a blue question mark box. Doing some research on there website under FAQ, They say the blue question mark mean that you already ran appsnapp once, and since we patch the TIFF bug, youll have to restore to run it again. I got my iphone already hack/unlocked. If i restore my phone in itunes will it take it to factory settings and LOCK my phone. i just dont want to end up with a locked phone after i restore it. Thanks in advance!!


    bump, plz help me out guys!! i just dont want to f my iphone and end up with a brick! thanks in advance

    Can anybody help me out plz
    Just want to know if i restore on itunes, will it bring it to factory settings while LOCKING my phone. or will it stay unlocked after i restore?

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    2007-11-04 05:04 PM
  2. bchilton9's Avatar
    if your phone is unlocked then you are already jailbroke and dont need to run AppSnapp
    2007-11-04 05:11 PM
  3. z00preme's Avatar
    yeah i know they jailbroke and i wanted to get apollo and mobile im and nes. Is the only way to install it is appstapp?? thats why i wanted to know. So do restoring the phone will lock my phone?
    2007-11-04 05:43 PM
  4. DoerrFan's Avatar
    If you already ran appsnapp you can get it from installer.app and you can always restore and access safari to jailbreakme.com while not being activated and activate it and unlock it again.
    2007-11-04 05:46 PM
  5. z00preme's Avatar
    i bought my phone last week and had it unlocked. So im assuming they used appsnapp because im unable to load the installer on my phone. but on the main screen it doesnt have the installer.app?
    2007-11-04 06:21 PM
  6. bchilton9's Avatar
    if the installer is not on your screen theay did NOT use appsnapp. you can try useing something like ibriker or ssh to access the filesystem and put installer on it

    depending on how the phone was unlocked may brick it if you try to restore/upgrade

    search the forums for more info on it its all been ansered atleast once
    2007-11-04 06:27 PM
  7. z00preme's Avatar
    yeah ive been constantly reading the forums try to learn more and see if it was posted earlier. thanks for everyones help
    2007-11-04 06:43 PM