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    I really need some help on this PLEASE!...

    • * My iphone came with a version 1.1.1 firmware: 04.1.13_G
    • * I downgraded to 1.0.2
    • * I bypassed the activation with app.tapp and unlocked it with this method http://iphone.unlock.no/ because the other ones wouldnt work for me
    • * It works fine, it can make calls and recive sms, BUT safari, youtube, and installer dont work.....

    When i Try to open safary it says:

    Safari can't open page.
    The error was:"Operation
    could not be completed.
    (POSIX error 12 - Cannot
    allocate memory)"
    I'm currently on 1.0.2(1C28)
    I dont know what to do... Should i virginize???? and then unlock 1.1.1 wich was the version that my iphone originally came with... i dont have a MAC though... and how do i know if that error goes away after i do all that??

    I would very much thank anyone that helps me with my problem
    2007-11-08 12:30 AM