1. ROm222's Avatar
    I do the mistake of installing 1.2 and then get stuck with the PSOD...

    Now what I did was:

    - Enter in DFU
    - Restore 1.1.4 with iTunes (and get the error 1502)
    - Use ziPhone and unlock, jailbreak, activate
    - Use iJailbreak (cuz the installer didn't show up)
    - On iClarified i download / install / run the baseband eraser
    - Restore again 1.1.4 with iTunes
    - Use ziPhone and unloack, jailbreak, activate (yes AGAIN)
    - Use AGAIN iJailbreak (for the same reason as above)

    Now everything work EXCEPT that I cannot connect to no carrier... I see searching... but nothing show up... what can I do? I do this like 3 times in a row (thinking that I screwed up something) but I still cannot connect to any mobile network... my phone is just an iPod touch now...

    Tks in advance...
    2008-05-08 12:20 PM