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    Hello all

    I did a 'do it all' using ZiPhone 2.5. The phone worked fine for a few days before the slider froze, the phone was rendered pretty much useless because even the reset button was not working. It went intto a BSD loop and I was unable to put it into dfu/restore mode.
    With a lot of difficulty I somehow put the phone into restore mode while it was booting up after being completely dead. I tried unlockng with ZiPhone and Iliberty but the frozen screen problem still persists also the reset button still doesnt work.
    Is there a solution for frozen screen problem due to ZiPhone?
    I have restored the phone to factory settings(using winpwn, also upgraded bootloader to 4.6) and am contemplating going to the Apple store to demand for a replacement, but I cant do it until next weekend as I am out of USA right now.
    Just trying to make the phone work and avoid the visit to apple store.
    Any help?

    Any takers?

    Help needed.
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