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    kindly see the attachment/pictures of my iphone, here you will see what are the problems that i encounter after i upgrade/update my iphone from v1.0.2 to v1.1.1 through itunes and then i try to restore my phone, but unfortunately the restoring that i expected didnt happen, what happen the version change again, now with version 1.1.2 as you can see on the pictures. i really dont know what to do with this problem, pls see the picture, and give me your suggestion/solution on this. regards..

    Details on what happen to my iphone:
    1. i buy this iphone unlock already with 1.0.2, working with network provider here in dubai.
    2. i plugged it to itunes through windows and updated it with firmware 1.1.1, after updating the phone it restart and there it goes my iphone locked again and it says "INCORECT SIM/ insert unlocked sim and valid sim
    to activate iphone/ ACTIVATE IPHONE connect to itunes."
    3. i try to restore the iphone by doing the POWER+HOME button method
    and what i forgot was to press the shift, browse the 1.0.2 yes its my mistake, so that's it now the present standing of my iphone are the picture that i attached.

    Attached Thumbnails help i need somebody!!!!-dscn2774.jpg   help i need somebody!!!!-dscn2773.jpg   help i need somebody!!!!-dscn2771.jpg   help i need somebody!!!!-dscn2777.jpg   help i need somebody!!!!-dscn2754.jpg   help i need somebody!!!!-dscn2756.jpg   help i need somebody!!!!-dscn2772.jpg   help i need somebody!!!!-dscn2738.jpg  

    help i need somebody!!!!-dscn2770.jpg   help i need somebody!!!!-dscn2769.jpg  
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    2007-11-12 06:20 PM
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    You have to virginize it back to 1.0.2 then go from there. This time unlock it with AnySIM 1.1 so it won't brick again
    Je t'aime encore, Roguette
    2007-11-12 06:23 PM
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    if i unlock with anysim 1.1 on 1.0.2 do i have to virgynise to update to 1.1.1 or i wont?
    2007-11-17 07:12 AM
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    Does it also work with iPhone UK?
    2007-11-17 11:16 AM