1. MaryKayM's Avatar
    I hope this is the right forum. I got an iphone 16 gig as a gift. (ATT carrier).I am trying to follow instructions to modify the icons and pictures but have lost some pieces in the threads, I think. I downloaded and ran iLiberty, and it showed the cracked apple and put everything back. That was fine. Then I downloaded and ran ibrickr. But it gave me an error as it was checking my phone that I didn't have an installer. I also downloaded the ipod restore hardware 1.14 but don't know what to do with it. I found the winstaller, but cannot download because it gives me a bad link. Is this what I need? Sorry to be so ignorant but could somebody please list out EXACTLY what I need to do and in what order? Thanks so much. I just wanted to change the icons and ringtones.
    2008-05-15 03:00 PM
  2. jtesnani's Avatar
    you will need to jailbreak your phone, but before i get into steps, delete the "ipod restore hardware 1.14" right away. you need the iphone 1.1.4 firmware. people have nearly bricked their phones by installing the ipod firmware on their iphones and vice versa. it's a pain to try to fix that mistake.

    it sounds like you have a pc. i have a mac so am not 100% sure what the best method is right now to jailbreak with a pc, but i'd recommend winpwn. you should be able to find a guide here on how to use it. make sure you follow the instructions very carefully.

    once you phone is jailbroken and you have installer on your phone, you can go ahead and download summerboard to change your icons. that's the easiest way to do it
    2008-05-15 03:24 PM
  3. Pinoynoob's Avatar
    what is the status of ur iphone ryt now? does it boot up normaly? does it shoes the apple logo and it stops there? or the itunes logo with the connector?
    if the itunes can detect it, i think you should restore your iphone. the itunes will download the firmware you need and will install it on ur iphone. afterwards run the iliberty, select the custom payloads that you want. in your case, you should check the installer payload for you to install custom icons. i hope everything goes fine. let me know. good luck!
    2008-05-15 04:04 PM