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    OK i been trying for 3 nights already on how to erase my baseband and all i keep getting is a message that says waiting for the next move or something like that.

    So when i then check bbupdater -v i get the same baseband 4.0.1. What am I doing wrong?


    Ok i ran ieraser again and its telling me this message:

    "Hopefully the main flash was erased, wait for the next step..." but it doesnt do anything. I wait but nothing happens. What do I do now?
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    2007-11-15 05:28 AM
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    If your getting the waiting for it probably means either the secpack is wrong or ieraser is wrong. But if your getting hopefully the main flash blah blah blah... check the bbupdater by typing bbupdater -v and it should say unresponsive or cant ping to baseband... something like that.
    2007-11-15 07:06 AM
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    So when i then check bbupdater -v i get the same baseband 4.0.1. What am I doing wrong?
    When you execute bbupdater -v you should see it ping back something like this:

    -sh-3.2# bbupdater -v
    Resetting target...
    pinging the baseband...
    issuing +xgendata...
    firmware: DEV_ICE_MODEM_04.02.13_G
    eep version: EEP_VERSION:208
    eep revision: EEP_REVISION:1
    bootloader: BOOTLOADER_VERSION:4.6_M3S2

    Do you get this much? I think you just need the correct secpack for your bb version. I'd update that and try moving forward.
    2007-11-15 07:18 AM
  4. KingCane's Avatar
    I been using the ones from this site and all of the tutorials. Anyone want to email the I ones they used or post a link.

    I've ran bbupdater -v and it still tells me that I'm on 04.01 something like that.
    2007-11-15 02:09 PM
  5. natzky's Avatar
    can someone help me, i erased the baseband and it has an error wherein the phone cant make or receive calls
    2007-11-18 02:36 PM