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    Got my Iphone 1.1.2 OTB in Feb. jailbroke it and used a turbosim chip to unlock it. Been using it in Canada on Rogers with no trouble at all.

    Turns out my employer cant afford to pay the bill right now, and Rogers (always fast to pull the plug) yanked the service today. Dunno if/when it will be back on or if he'll be able to continue to pay for it.

    Meanwhile, being the addict that I am, I went and got a Pay as you go sim to use in my Iphone today (*I* own the phone) until I figure out what I want to do next.

    Oddly enough, while the 'disabled' sim works fine in my phone (routes calls to billing, but works) the NEW sim from the same company, when put in the phone with the turbosim chip gives me a 'sim failure' message. I've tried remounting it, and it fails consistantly. I've switched back and forth from the old sim and the old one works.

    So I stuck the NEW sim in my blackberry to see if it would work there, and presto, it worked fine.


    So here's where I turn to you gurus...

    1 - When I activated the new pay as you go sim, I gave them the Iphone's IMEI, and they didn't say anything, but is it possible that because the account that's 'disabled' by Rogers has been used by that IMEI for the last couple of months, when the same IMEI is used by a NEW sim card, it somehow won't grant it service? ( which I thought might explain why it worked in the blackberry once activated)

    2 - if that's not it, is it perhaps the turbo (or stealth - I can't remember) sliver for some reason mates well with the old sim, but just doesn't work for some reason with the new one? (doesn't really make sense to me.. but...)

    3 - Ok this will sound silly, but if it IS the turbosim causing the problem I will have to finally bit the bullet and properly 'unlock' the phone the way you guys have been doing it for a couple of months, sans extra chip. I suppose I should also get around to upgrading to 1.1.4 from 1.1.2. But I'm a creature of habit, and I've added so many apps and tweaks, and customized the hell out of everything that could be customized, the I like the damn thing just as it is!! It's stable, looks and works just the way I want it to, has all the files, bookmarks, etc etc.

    So If it is the consensus that it's not the IMEI but rather time to change the way the Iphone is unlocked to the software method rather than the hardware method, IS THERE A WAY TO DO IT WITHOUT LOSING EVERYTHING AND HAVING TO START OVER? I'm completely fine staying at 1.1.2 until the new Iphones come out (at which point I'll get a new one .. if only I didn't have to start from scratch once it's unlocked.

    4- if the consensus IS that it's the IMEI having been red-flagged by Rogers, and that's what's causing the new sim to give a sim failure, HOW DO I GET IT TO WORK? The phone belongs to me... I should be able to use it..

    Anyhow, not the most exciting post of the day, but I've been a big fan of MMi all along, and never posted a lame question like this so I hope you'll indulge me and help if you can.

    Thanks a million!

    2008-05-18 12:00 AM
  2. ChAoS aCiD's Avatar
    You can pay for IMEI checks.. google it..

    erm, make sure you turbosim is installed correctly, so many people dont do it correctly!

    or, just take away the turbo sim and use ziphone, the unlock is quick and easy, i did it on my 1.1.2 oob uk iphone o2... now i can use a vodaphone sim ... although i still use o2... i just used a vodaphone to test!
    2008-05-18 01:32 AM
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    Why are you using a turbo sim?
    To live, you have to lie
    2008-05-18 01:50 AM
  4. bozak's Avatar
    Because there was no 1.1.2 unlock when I got the phone, only a jailbreak. The software unlock came a few weeks later, but things were working fine, so if it ain;t broke...

    I'll check on google for IMEI... thanks. If it IS IMEI, and the chip works on the old 'berry, then I should maybe call and change the IMEI on the sim to the 'berry's imei, and then put it into the Iphone

    BTW, I know there are a couple of unlcokers available directly to the phone via the installer app and cydia... including boot neuter which sounds incredible, but any idea if any of them to simply unlock without ditching all the installed apps and custom settings, and forcing an upgrade? (If i recal, the 'owner' of a bunch of the processes is no longer root, and the file system is a bit different, which I think would necessitate reinstalling everything
    2008-05-18 05:20 AM
  5. ChAoS aCiD's Avatar
    just use ziphone, you keep all your apps and stuff.. no upgrade required AT ALL!

    dont forget to press the thanks button
    2008-05-18 01:36 PM