1. Dominion's Avatar
    I was browsing around today and found out that Epocrates will be releasing a version of their software for the iphone accessible via the appstore. This excited me greatly however I was unsure of something.

    If I upgrade to 2.0 jb from 1.1.4 jb, are users still allowed full access to the appstore? This is something that I would even go back to non-jailbreak for, the ability to have this program would be amazing for me. It is the one crutch and the only reason so far I have regretted getting my iphone over a winmo/palm phone.

    As I like to do I'll continue to research this, as I just thought of this question and hadn't really had a moment to search it out, let alone to even look into upgrading my 1.1.4 jb to 2.0 jb.
    2008-05-22 04:57 AM