1. arunmuthuvel's Avatar
    i m running 1.0.2 version ..what are the advantages to upgrade to 1.1.1 version...

    pelase do reply back
    2007-11-18 05:26 AM
  2. chakraj's Avatar
    More support. Seems faster to me, probably wrong though. Double clicking the home button now has multi function. And its new. But not as new and shinny as 1.1.2, oooo shiny.
    2007-11-18 05:59 AM
  3. Sidetalker's Avatar
    itunes wifi store louder speaker volume more overall awesomeness...need i say more?
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    2007-11-18 07:13 AM
  4. saltey's Avatar
    1.1.1 is non stable ,it has freezing and other issues, not sure why maybe because of jailbreaking or it is just like that , either stay on 1.0.2 or just upgrade to 1.1.2, i am likeing 1.1.2
    2007-11-18 07:23 AM