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    Hi guys:
    well after waiting for a IPSF to release their guide to update to 1.1.2 I finally decided to go trough with it.
    Everything went smooth in the process...but now I discovered a terrible problem that as soon as I tried to make the first call appeared..

    My Phone is crashing constantly in "Favorites", "Recent" and "Keypad" screens...
    If you go from desktop to any of this screens they display normally but as soon as you select a contact or input a number it crashes to desktop...
    It also crashes while going to or from any of this screens.
    The bluetooth displays as ON in the desktop but as soon as I try to make a call the crash cuts it out...
    The crash does not cut the call..if im in bluetooth it sends it automatically to my speaker and I can talk clearly.
    I really need your help guys I have a business trip coming this week and I need the phone to work..thanks in advance

    Originally my was OTB 1.0.2, unlocked with anysim...I virginized it and went with IPSF to 1.1.1..then afterwards to 1.1.2 via de same unlock.
    2007-11-19 07:48 PM
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    looks like you may have to restore.
    2007-11-19 07:51 PM
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    Im guessing I do..
    but in between all the tons of guides to do this I cant tell which guide is the one I should use...
    Im on a Mac...
    2007-11-19 08:02 PM
  4. nintendolinky's Avatar
    I may be able to help which country are you currently in with your iphone.

    http://www.send$space.com/file/4p9edj (contains windows x86, mac os x i386 and mac os x ppc versions)

    Download pntedit.exe application (see link above)
    Grab copy of AppSupport from firmware 1.1.2
    Run "pntedit.exe read AppSupport PhoneNumberTemplates.txt"
    Edit PhoneNumberTemplates.txt
    Run "pntedit.exe write AppSupport PhoneNumberTemplates.txt AppSupport.Patched"
    Replace AppSupport on iPhone with AppSupport.Patched

    The number of entries for the phonenumber templates table is 32. If you have less entries in your tables file then the last entry will be duplicated x times which should be ok. If you have more entries in your tables file then they will be ignored because there is no room for them.

    Have fun.
    This hould fix your problems remove the $ symbol and download follow the instructions and it should repair your phone no need for a restore
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    2007-11-19 08:47 PM
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    dont post two of the same threads man...for honest
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    Expect more when I find something guide-worthy.
    PM me and let me know if you need one.
    2007-11-19 08:47 PM
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    Can you elaborate a little bit on how to mod this file..
    2007-11-19 11:02 PM