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    I followed the thread you told me but it's for MAC. What can I use instead of iNdependence since I'm running on Windows. Any suggestions please?

    to get the phone out of "connect to itunes" stage. you have to try installing apptapp installer. It will tell you that it cannot install. but your phone will be out of that stage.
    OR you can download iDemocracy 2.0. and look for the option where it says "Activate 1.0.2" and it will do the same thing. (thats if you are on 1.0.2 which you should be)
    How did you do with the virginization process? If you want: put the list of the different software listed in that site, which are for mac; and i'll tell you the ones you need for windows.
    Hope this helps
    2007-12-02 01:46 AM
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