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    Hi All

    My phone had 1.1 firmware , I installed opto application and upgraded to 1.1.2 firmware. Now i ran all these steps and changed all things and phone started rebooting and the itunes is not detecting the iphone as well. Please let me know how i can virginise the phone so that i can break the system, I am able to use the ssh/winscp to see all the logs . Please let me know i can run the re-revirginise from ssh . This am trying to use the phone in India . Please look at the steps what i followed >>>>

    Downgrade to 1.1.1
    (lots of guides around, follow them)

    - I noticed that AppSnap won't work if iTunes doesn't see the iphone 1st. Like an initial "sync" is needed. Then you can just close it.
    - After jailbreak, install package Oktoprep from Installer>Tweaks(1.1.1)

    Upgrade to 1.1.2

    - Click on upgrade in iTunes and go get some coffee

    Jailbreak 1.1.2

    - So, right now you should have a nice 1.1.2 activate screen talking in tongues. As a rule of thumb, just open iTunes and let it detect the iPhone then close it.
    - Now run windows.bat from the 1.1.2 jailbreak and check option Install ssh, change password if needed and click Jailbreak
    - Might take like 5-10 mins, more coffee maybe?

    Activate 1.1.2

    - By now you should have rebooted your phone and you're back at the 1.1.2 active screen
    - Run winscp, put necessary info (ip address, usr/pwd, let it on SFTP in the protocol) and click connect
    - Now go to /usr/libexec/ and make a backup of lockdownd on your pc(we NEVER know)
    - Unzip the patched lockdownd and put in /usr/libexec/
    - Click on "more", set permissions 0755 (so check all Xs, you'll figure it out)
    - Click ok, and overwrite the existing lockdownd
    - Reboot your phone

    Carrier settings *optional* (For those who wanna sexy up that iphone )

    - Winscp to your phone and put ls and bash in /bin
    - Click on "more", set both permissions to 0755
    - Check here for your carrier's MCC and MNC (it's not as hard as it sounds)

    e.g MCC = 334 MNC = 02, the number we'll need is 33402

    - Open the Telcel.plist in UltraEdit or wordpad and modify accordingly (Don't forget to rename your .plist file & change the supported sim section)
    - Use winscp to put the modified .plist to /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreTelephony.framework/Support/
    - Open putty and connect to your phone
    - Type bash at the prompt
    - Type cd /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreTelephony.framework/Support
    - Type ln -s YOURCARRIER.plist NUMBER

    e.g ln -s Telcel.plist 302370

    - Remove your sim and put some other sim in it to reset the carrier settings(maybe that unactivated att simcard lying around? )
    - Remove the sim card and put back in yours after the phone detected it
    - You should be set, no reboot needed

    Fix for crashing phone/sms *optional* (you won't need that step if it's not crashing (duh... ) )

    - Check here for your ISO code and ITU phone code

    e.g Mexico: ISO code = mx, ITU = 52

    - Open AppSupport in UltraEdit
    - Press Ctrl+G and enter 0xA0AC
    - On the right end of the string replace mx with your ISO code
    - On the next line, replace 52 with your ITU phone code
    - Save the changes
    - Winscp into your phone and browse to /System/Library/Frameworks/AppSupport.framework/
    - Overwrite the existing AppSupport (make sure that permissions = 0755, read previous steps if you don't understand)
    - Reboot your phone and you're set!

    If you're making carrier.plist for your carrier, post it here when you're done and I'll add it to the guide. (Sharing is caring.. ) Special thanks to kuhnesito for helping me test the stuff and especially to my girlfriend for giving me time to write this guide! Enjoy the new updated guide!


    2007-11-27 09:05 PM