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    Been searching online for a while now for a solution to this phone turning off while asleep. It's crazy, there are a lot of threads and even this one has had over 5300 views, but none of which has a decent solution

    I have calculated it to turn off anywhere from 30-55 seconds. It never lasts over a minute. And it always does it while its asleep, never had a problem before, just started a week ago. And I have not added or changed a setting to make it do so. I have a 2G with 3.1.2. Here's what I've done:

    1)Restored with a downgrade to apple's version 2.2.1 firmware (not jailbroken or unlocked). Didn't work. Even if the SIM cards not in there, it still turns off while asleep/on hold.
    2)Magahye's Method - let the battery drain and then recharge. Didn't work. Good try though, seemed like it could have worked.
    3)Leaving it on and setting it to never auto-lock. Works, however...how annoying?! It's in your pocket and while you go to take it out you've already accepted a call or have turned on some other app.

    Anyone got any other suggestions?
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    2010-01-24 09:35 PM
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    I need to resurrect this thread because I too have a 2G Iphone that shuts down sometimes 3 times a day sometimes never. Can't find the root cause to this problem. Is it hardware or really software? It's been restored a dozen times with different firmware versions so I don't think it's related to that. And It does it without the jailbreak too. I haven't taken it apart yet though which is my next move to see if something inside is loose or dirty. If someone has for sure found the problem some of these phones are having please reply. I hate to take these phones apart because no matter how careful you are that bottom plastic cover never goes on perfect again and it will be obvious it was taken apart.

    2010-05-11 06:29 PM
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    I found 2 possible solutions.

    1) Disconnecting and reconnecting the camera. If its loose from a fall or sudden shock it will force the phone to turn off while entering "deep sleep" which is different then regular sleep. Usually happens 30 seconds after you hit the lock button on the top right....Anyway, this seemed to work for a little while, but didnt fix the problem.

    2) Replacing the battery with a new one. A 2G requires soldering, so you might not want to go through this if you have no prior experience with soldering. You must be careful opening the case, the black piece is not nearly tough as the metallic plate. You have to be very careful and push outwards and upwards at the same time to remove it. Otherwise it will lock on to some of the clips holding it in and you'll end up having to pry it off and it will never look the same when you put it back together....This did work for me, and now my phone is amazing, it will last a whole week on idle with no complications, the new battery is great!

    Let me know if you need help, just PM me and I'll give you my email address.
    2010-05-11 07:32 PM
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    Thanks for the reply SV. I have taken a few apart so I know how difficult it is. I found my own trick to popping the aluminum housing off that seems to work good. I slide a long thin steel rule under the housing and pry up while pushing out one side until it pops. Still nerve racking though and the aluminum can bend fairly easy. I have noticed though about replacing the battery that it has not solved the problem either from others who have tried it. My bet is that it is a motherboard problem and is unfixable but will keep trying.

    2010-05-11 07:44 PM
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    Sounds good, but the new battery did fix the problem for me. But if all else fails let me know if your willing to sell it. I would consider purchasing it. Thanks and Good luck!
    2010-05-11 07:49 PM
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    SV, did you replace the battery with an OEM or aftermarket? Maybe the aftermarket batteries are causing these problems. I bought this phone 2nd hand so maybe it has been replaced already.
    Thanks for the reply,

    2010-05-11 07:52 PM
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    Aftermarket from China.
    2010-05-11 07:53 PM
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    i had the same problem and soon found that the phone was stable only while using 'insomnia'.... but the battery died out too fast all the time..
    so i've downgraded to 1.1.2 and the phones stable on its own (without insomnia).. however cant upgrade to any other firmware coz the problem just starts again.
    Have fixed my iphone 2g by just taking camera off terminal and resetting it sometimes they come loose so the phone thinks its battery is low and shuts down to save battery power.

    hope this helps you all out there
    all the best
    2011-06-25 12:25 PM
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