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    So i wasnt able to see my iphone in itunes. I restored it and now im at the activation globe screen thingy...

    I went my the directions on jailbreakme to get into safari, but I cant connect!! I select my network.. reboot... then it just goes back into the same state.

    At this point I am pretty much OTB 1.1.1.
    I cant get into the iphone via SSH because it wont get on wifi... someone please help a brotha out!!
    2007-11-30 03:15 AM
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    Do it again, but let the phone restart itself.
    I did it again but it doesn't restart itself. Does a quick pop-up with the wifi connection... i select it. Now its just sitting at the home screen.
    2007-11-30 03:29 AM
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    I dont know if this will help. This happened to may phone. What I did was 1. open itunes
    2. Let itunes try to activeate your phone. It wont and you should get something on you phone screen that says can not activate phone.
    ( this might take up to 5min or so )
    3. Then close itunes
    4. Try to install apptap agin

    For some reason this helped me
    2007-11-30 03:44 AM
  4. KhanMan13AK's Avatar
    MAN... i cant install anything at all...

    There is where I am:
    5. Now press the home button, and for a split second the iPhone shows a screen where you can select wi-fi networks. Now you have to be really quick and select a network before the phone freezes.
    I do this and can ping the IP from my gateway.

    6. Next you get Back to the "emergency call page" and every on screen button has frozen so the only thing you can do is turn off the phone

    7. Turn the iPhone off then on again
    After reboot I loose all wifi and cannot ping the iphone anymore.

    8. Now you can go back to the contact list by Dialing 0, push call, then answer, then contacts, then hit that web address you typed in.
    I never get there because I have to repeat the whole process again to regain wifi connectivity... then I have to reboot because everything is frozen...

    Its a vicious circle I tell you!!

    BTW this is the image I am on: iPhone1,1_1.1.1_3A109a_Restore.ipsw
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    2007-11-30 04:00 AM
  5. fat x nub's Avatar
    u need to restore after the jailbreak did not work the first time....then just try again
    2007-11-30 04:08 AM
  6. KhanMan13AK's Avatar
    fixed it guys... thanks!
    2007-11-30 04:25 AM