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    I just used this from Hackint0sh for one of my phones and it worked like a charm! thought i would share it here...


    Yes Guys its POSSIBLE!!! I can confirm that its working. BUT proceed at your own risk!

    If U have a working 1.1.1/04.01.13_G iPhone unlocked with AnySIM 1.1 this is what u need to do:

    1. Run Oktoprep via Installer

    2. Update to 1.1.2 via iTunes, after update leave iPhone connected till iTunes "see it" then close iTunes.

    3. Jailbreak (http://conceitedsoftware.com/iphone/1.1.2-jailbreak.zip)
    3.a Install BSD Subsystem via Installer

    4. In Installer add rep.frenchiphone.com to your installer source and then Install anySIM 1.2.1u from the installer. Reboot iPhone!

    5. Put the iPhone in Airplane Mode!!! Run AnySIM1.2.1u! After its completed, go to Settings--->Airplane Mode set to OFF, now u will get a signal bars!

    6. If u're outside US, SMS and Phone its not working. To FIX IT install iWorld via Installer, choose your country. Viola! U're done! Enjoy free 1.1.2

    If for some reason this method is not working for you, follow this to "get back" - http://iphone.unlock.no/#how-to-downgrade-1.1.2

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    2007-12-01 03:53 AM