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    Oh boy... if someone could help, I'd REALLY appreciate it.

    I initially 'fake activated' my iPhone by using my husband's AT&T iPhone SIM card. This gave me Wifi, iPod, Youtube. Clearly this did something to the iPhone itself to enable this. I've been using the phone as an iPod Touch with Hacks added. Currently on 1.1.2.

    Today I bought a Razr, got on the Family plan. How on earth do I activate my phone to work with my AT&T that's on my Razr? I restored the iPhone but can't get an activation screen.

    Is there a way to force an activation menu on iTunes? Or, do I HAVE TO put the Razr SIM in my iPhone? If someone can confirm - I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

    OK - I got the activation screen via the new Razr's sim then upgraded to data.

    But - I cannot return back to 1.1.1 no matter what. I've done this before with 2 phones now but since going to AT&T today on this (my) phone, I can't downgrade. I see the instructions here say to use Independence, and I'm not sure why I must use that since I didn't use it previously. I do not want to UNLOCK the phone - just get the apps going. I just downgraded, used jailbreakme, then upped to 1.1.2.

    Do I need idependence to go from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 now for this newly activated phone? And if so, why? Thank you.

    Basically, I've had this phone for a few months and have previously reverted back/forth through the firmware versions, hacked it (NOT UNLOCK), and have been able to do everything. BUT - Since activating with AT&T last night, I can't load 1.1.1 anymore.

    Can anyone tell me why? It seems Activating it to AT&T "did something" and I want to understand. I did my husband's AT&T phone just fine. Can anyone please help? I'm now on 1.1.2, AT&T, iTunes 7.4.2 Thank you.
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