1. bonefish's Avatar
    followed all the steps in the 101 section, but when i type "jailbreak" i get the error "could not query daemon type" then the program fails. anyone have a solution for this? attaching a screen shot of my phonedmg folder etc.

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    2007-08-07 09:55 PM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    You have iTunes off?

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    2007-08-07 10:01 PM
  3. bonefish's Avatar
    yes, its off. i have unloaded both itunes.exe and ituneshelper.exe from teh startup memory. double checked my processes, they are both not running.
    2007-08-07 10:03 PM
  4. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Windows XP? Done any modding yet? Which version of iphoneinterface?

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    2007-08-07 10:13 PM
  5. bonefish's Avatar
    thanks for your help so far,

    i downloaded all the files from www.modmyi.com http://www.modmyi.com/wiki/index.php...ne_modding_101 got the iphoneinterface from there as well. Not sure what version it is, it does not say.

    just completely uninstalled itunes and everyting that came with it. i now get an different effor.

    Looking for iPhone...
    USBMuxListenerCreate: No error

    attaching screen shot of the dos window as well as my open processes window.

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    2007-08-07 10:32 PM
  6. bonefish's Avatar
    running win xp sp2, and have not done any modding before. i have updated the phone through itunes, to version 1.01 i belive it was, but that shouldnt matter right?
    2007-08-07 10:42 PM
  7. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    No it should not. You have the itunesMobileDevice.dll as well?

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    2007-08-08 12:17 AM
  8. bonefish's Avatar
    No it should not. You have the itunesMobileDevice.dll as well?

    I have all those files listed on the 101 toturial page.
    read a thread just now about someone that solved his problems by downloading both the update and the firmware version, but the 101 page does notention it. Could it be my phone thats veirrd?

    Please check all my screenshots above for what files i have etc

    Thanks for help!
    2007-08-08 03:02 AM
  9. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    You may need the 1.0.1 update as well, you can try it, although I haven't needed it.

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    2007-08-08 03:06 AM
  10. bonefish's Avatar
    Does iTunes need to be loaded into the system before you then close it as the 101 guide states. I am asking because I use a software "xp tools" that disables itunes from loading, i didnt like the idea of starting it wirh windows.

    If not where can i find that update file that i might need as aell?
    2007-08-08 04:27 AM
  11. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Wait a sec, have you ever connected your iPhone to iTunes on that computer?

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    2007-08-08 04:31 AM
  12. bonefish's Avatar
    yes i have. its installed, but disabled from runnning at startup. have used it to sync my contacts from outlook
    2007-08-08 05:37 AM
  13. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Hmm. I'm not sure. Do you have a second computer to try it on?

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    2007-08-08 05:38 AM
  14. bonefish's Avatar
    dont have another computer, but im planning to do a clean install later today. do you recommend installing itunes on the clean install and then try the 101 steps, or just try the 101 right after the clean install to rule out any other errors.

    let me know
    2007-08-08 06:18 PM
  15. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Second option.

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    2007-08-09 10:00 AM
  16. bonefish's Avatar

    thanks for your help. fixed it now, the problem was that i had itunes and all its software disabled from startup. just ddnt like it load automatcally.

    performed a clean win install, installed itunes right away, closed itunes.exe while i let ituneshelper.exe open. performed the 101 guide without problems.

    now the modding starts, thanks again :>
    2007-08-09 10:39 AM
  17. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    Good to hear, sounds good!

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    2007-08-10 10:03 AM